Blocking for Your Guests

Family and friends travel far and wide to share life's most precious moments with us. We understand how important it is that your guests are embraced like family, with all of the comforts of home. Our location makes us ideal for guests to be close to you, your venue, and enjoy all of the charms of McKinney's Historic District.  We make it simple, easy, and no obligation to you!

Ideal for Wedding/Event/Visiting Guests, making separate reservations


  • 4 Suites – Sleeps 8 (Double Occupancy)

  • Breakfast for 8 

  • Check-in at 3:00PM and Check-out at 11:00AM  

How it works: Call or fill out the form below and request a wedding date block, for the dates your guests will need accommodation. From the date of the block request, guests have 2 weeks to call and make their reservation. At the end of two weeks, we will reach out to you to confirm who has booked and offer an extension if needed. Within 30 days of the event, we will reach out to you again to confirm who has booked and offer a 24-hour window to add new reservations. We will release any un-booked rooms 28 days prior to the event.  

For example:

Block is requested on May 1st, and the event is July 1st. Guests will have until May 15th to book a room under the block. On May 15th we will call you to review what reservations that we have, and offer any extension that you need. On June 1st, we will reach out and confirm all of the rooms have been booked, and if not, offer a 24-hour extension.  On June 3rd, if there are any rooms not booked, we will release the rooms.  

Call us to check your dates, or fill out the form below, and we will contact you!

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The Neathery estate

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