Modern Comfort. Grand History.


Never Compromise



Formal Receiving Room

taken from the pages of history

Antiques adorn our formal receiving room, and take you on a journey to the great estates of France and England.  If you are meeting a friend while visiting, this is a great place to catch up or discuss business.  Photographers enjoy this room for its light and photo opportunities. As you wait for your ride to the square or event, what a room to begin your evening. 

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure
— J.K. Rowling
Receiving Room.jpeg

Covered Porch

Feel the breeze, not the sun

The seasons in Texas provide for some beautiful displays of mother nature. Our deep back porch is a great place to watch the storms roll in.  In the evening, enjoy the Texas sunset as you sip on hot tea and breath in the fresh air.